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Online Comps Can't be Beat!
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Interesting gambling books
Frugal Gambler
by Jean Scott
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Though Jean Scott was well-known to a select few Las Vegas aficionados throughout the '90s, it wasn't until the publication of The Frugal Gambler in 1998 that she became a household name to casino players across the country. Her frequent national publicity, her long-term success in casinos around the world, and the solid low-rolling advantage-play techniques she's divulged along the way have all helped catapult The Frugal Gambler into the ranks of best-selling gambling books. The new revised edition includes a completely revamped chapter on video poker, updated coverage of getting the most out of slot clubs, recent examples of exploitable gambling promotions, and a brand new Resources section, identifying the best sources of player information available-from books to software to the Internet.
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Jean Scott's Queen of CompsJean Scott, the Queen of Comps, is best known for encouraging smarter casino gambling and that's why we are happy to encourage you to visit her site. Her practical suggestions will save you time and money in your quest to make your time in the casino more fun and profitable.

Casino Comps - Get the Most you Can!

Casinos, whether they are land-based or online are in stiff competition for your gambling dollars. There are number of ways they can make it more appealing for you to visit their property including looser slots, favorable table game rules, inexpensive food, and casino complimentaries or "comps" as they are called in the business. Casino comps reward you directly for playing by giving you food, rooms, cash and other benefits in return for the amount you play also know as "action."  ReadyBetGo has great articles on the techniques for getting more comps for money from some of the best experts on the subject.

Where Do I Find a Casino Host?
by Jean Scott
For the dollar machine player, and in many casinos even for the frequent and/or heavy quarter player, using a casino host system will let them reap more comps than just tapping into slot club benefits or depending on mail offers. However, I have had more people tell me that they have played in casinos for years, have never seen a host, and wouldn't know if they fell over one in the aisle!
How do Pit Bosses Rate Players?
by Basil Nestor
Have you ever wondered how a pit boss can rate your play if he is only observing you occasionally? That's the question posed to Basil Nestor. Here's his answer.
Jean Scott Answers Readers' Questions
by Jean Scott
Since The Frugal Gambler was published, I've met hundreds of people who've read the book and who still have hundreds of questions about low rolling, comps, slot clubs, promotions, getting bumped off airplanes, and, of course, Brad's and my experiences in a casino. Here are a few of your most common questions, along with my typical replies.
A Vocabulary Lesson on Comps
by Jean Scott
In this article, Jean Scott, the Queen of Comps, gives us a short lesson on the building blocks to getting more complimentaries (comps) at the casinos.
Secrets to Getting More Comps for Your Slot Play
by Jean Scott
Jean Scott has spent a lot of time understanding the best way to get comps, no matter what game you play. In this article, she takes a look at how to the most comps when you play slots.
How to Stretch Your Money in the Casino
by Jean Scott
If you ascribe to the idea that gambling isn't about getting rich, but about being entertained, you'll agree that your entertainment dollar should go as far as it can. Jean Scott offers lots of pratical tips on how to stretch your casino dollar in this article.
Use - Don't Abuse - Comps
by Jean Scott
Comps are a wonderful thing. Jean Scott has been teaching people how to get the most out of them for years. In this article, she explains that even comps have limits.
Expert Comps Hints
by Jean Scott
Everyone likes freebies! Here is some advice from Jean Scott, the 'Queen of Comps' on how to get more freebies in a casino, those wonderful complimentary 'gifts' we refer to as comps.
When Should Playing for Comps Enter the Equation?
by Basil Nestor
If you are playing out of your comfort zone because you want to earn comps, you're probably making the wrong decision. This is particularly true if you deviating from basic strategy while playing blackjack.
Bounceback and Thinking Like a Casino Manager
by Bob Dancer
So you get an invitation from your favorite casino to come back and play again. And they sweeten the pot with some cash or gifts. Just be careful what you do when you collect your goodies; it might effect future bounceback rewards.
Getting Maximum Comps By Playing Blackjack
by Henry Tamburin
Blackjack can give you the best comps of any casino game, and the rewards can range from a free meal, to rooms, to even air fare. Henry Tamburin explains the ins and outs of blackjack comps in this article.
How to Get Extras From a Casino
by Jean Scott
ReadyBetGo is happy to welcome Jean Scott to our list of contributors. Jean will be here to help you find ways to get all of the extras you've earned and deserve to get when you gamble at a casino.
Craps and Casino Comps
by Larry Edell
Complimentaries are an important aspect of casino gambling. Make sure you are taking advantage of these rewards by going over the five categories that make up the process -- Choice, Odds, Money, Play and Save.
Craps: Minimize Your Losses--Maximize Your Comps
by Larry Edell
If you play in casino, you probably know about comps. If you play craps, you probably know that your game affords the casino a very small advantage - only about 1% on some bets. If you take full advantage of the comps the casino offers, you can make more money in comps than in winnings!
Going Clubbing - Slot Clubbing That Is
by Frank Legato
Slot expert Frank Legato offers up a host of compelling reasons why you should join a slot club if you're going to play slots.

Book Reviews...

Max Rubin's Comp City Shows Players the Ropes
by Nick Christenson
Max Rubin has written the definitive book for how to get the maximum comp value with the minimum risk for the medium roller on up. This entertaining, though a little pricey book provides powerful techniques for the comp conscious, some of which are sure to be new even to the most veteran RFB player. If one plans to play big, this book will pay for itself if its advice is followed.
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