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Interesting gambling books
More Sex, Lies and Video Poker
by Bob Dancer
Book Picture
Second in the series of Dancer's video poker fiction, this is an intricately plotted erotic novel filled with the shrewd thinking and elaborate schemes of winning gamblers. It's a fast-moving and insightful book about winning at video poker. It's also about Vegas, baby! Chris is in love with Annie, but Maria wants Chris for an occasional sex-with-no-strings fling. Maria is the mistress of high roller Jimmy, who had a recent affair with Meg, Chris's sister-in-law. Meg's husband Richard, meanwhile, is pursuing Maria, whom Jimmy wants to trade with him for another crack at Meg. The whole ménage is lubricated with alcohol, abetted by guns and martial arts, and inhabited by people willing to lie to those closest to them in order to reach their goals.
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Interesting gambling books
Tax Help for Gamblers
by Jean Scott
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Tax Help for Gamblers deals with the innumerable nuances and gray areas of gambling and taxes. It covers all the whys and wherefores of this complex subject, including tax-code specifics, record-keeping, filing your tax return, state-tax considerations, and audits and other tax problems. Numerous charts and forms help you see the practical application of the information.  This book is for recreational and professional gamblers, including low and high rollers, table-game and machine players, video poker and live poker players, online enthusiasts, international and cruise ship players, and people who live or gamble in states with income taxes.
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Casino Gambling Books

1000 Best Gambling Secrets
by Bill Burton

1000 Best Gambling Secrets Book
For people looking for an extra edge to improve their game or just the basic knowledge to play the games, Burton offers 1,000 winning strategies and tips to help readers feel at home in any casino. Hints include the truth about the most popular casino bets, what games should you avoid, the ten smartest bets and ten worst bets, getting the most bang for your buck , tricks of the trade and hundreds and hundreds more.

21st Century Fraud
by Tony Lesce

21st Century Fraud Book
The back cover of this book explains it all by first asking: What are your chances of being murdered this year? (With about 20,000 murders a year in the U.S. out of 300 million people, your chances of being a victim of homicide are small.) Then by asking: What are your chances of being victimized by fraud? Much greater, comes the answer. In fact, so much greater that it's almost impossible to measure the risk. Fraud ranges from identy theft to telephone scams, computer and Internet fraud, retail store scams, fund-raising scams and more. This book is designed to show the reader the basics of fraud techniques, make the reader aware of where the dangers are and teach the reader how to protect himself against the possiblity that a fraud artist might fleece him.
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A History of Playing Cards
by Catherine Perry Hargrave

A History of Playing Cards Book
This is actually a reissue of an old book that went out of print as a hardbound. Subtitled A Bibliography of Cards and Gaming, it includes an enormous annotated bibliography of more than 900 items on playing cards and games, and over 1,400 illustrations. Praised as the most authoritative and complete treatment of its kind, the book is profusely illustrated and gives a fascinating overview of heraldry, geography, history, and the social and political activities of man over the past six centuries. Includes playing cards of the West and of China, Japan, India, Europe, and Russia.
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Advantage Play For The Casino Executive
by Bill Zender

Advantage Play For The Casino Executive Book
When you hear about famous card counting teams, such as the MIT group, you're getting only part of the story. The weapons in the arsenals of these players are truly amazing-and they're described in detail here. In addition to blackjack strategies, Zender writes about biased roulette wheels, playing with hole-card information in Three Card Poker, and the latest debate on whether dice can be controlled with “rhythm rolling” (he's dubious). For video poker players, there's a big section on combining return percentages, cashback, and promotions to gain an edge (Bob Dancer style).
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Black Gangsters of Chigago
by Ron Chepesiuk

Black Gangsters of Chigago Book
When we think about Chicago-style gangsters, we often think of names like Capone and Gincana. But as powerful and brutal as these guys and their underlings were, an equally fearsome group populated the Windy City. They were the African American mob bosses such as Mushmouth Johnson who was responsible for a long era of underground gambling halls, political bripery and election fraud and the more modern crew such as the Blackstone Rangers and up to the 2003 assassination attempt that left convicted cop killer Willy Lloyd paralyzed. Lloyd ommanded his gang while in jail.
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Bluegrass Days - Neon Nights
by John Smith

Bluegrass Days - Neon Nights Book
Takes you through the rollicking life and times of legendary Las Vegas casino host and bon vivant, Dan Chandler. The wayward son of former Kentucky Governor and Major League Baseball Commissioner Albert “Happy” Chandler, Dan likes to say he started at the top and has spent his life working his way to the middle. Along the way, you'll meet an endless parade of famous politicians, entertainers, and Hall of Fame athletes and learn an insider's perspective on Las Vegas history and Kentucky politics. Dan arrived in Las Vegas as the gambling capital's mob days were fading, but Caesars Palace had no shortage of characters — and he became intimate friends with super high rollers and stars ranging from Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson to Jimmy Buffett, Frank Sinatra, and the Lennon Sisters.
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Casino Answer Book
by John Grochowski

Casino Answer Book Book
Subtitled 'How to Overcome the House Advantage When You Play Blackjack, Video Poker and Roulette,' this book provides the basics of the three games in question/answer and multiple choice quiz formats. It includes the author's own 'Spin' roulette approach that has proven to be very popular; bets and percentages; basic blackjack, and card counting strategies. Grochowski is a gaming columnist who writes with an easy-to-read style geared to beginning and intermediate players. You could use this book in an entertaining educational way by asking the questions of a partner to check his or her knowledge of casino games.
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Casino Gambling : A Winner's Guide to Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Baccarat, and Casino Poker
by Jerry Patterson

Casino Gambling : A Winner's Guide to Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Baccarat, and Casino Poker Book
If you're planning a trip to Vegas or any other casino gambling destination and want some quick and easy-to-follow advice to give you a good shot at coming home a winner: Read Chapter 7 for blackjack advice, Chapter 13 for craps advice, Chapter 17 for roulette advice, Chapter 18 for baccarat advice or Chapter 19 for advice on the popular variations of casino poker.

Casino Game Protection: A Comprehensive Guide
by Steve Forte

Casino Game Protection: A Comprehensive Guide Book
The most important, definitive treatise ever presented on the methods, detection and prevention of Casino Scams, Theft, Card Counters and all Advantage Strategies! A complete, one-volume course in the science of casino game protection, an invaluable training tool for management, pit personnel, surveillance, security, and related law enforcement agencies, and a must read for all gamers hungry for knowledge! Topics include Cheaters, Advantage Players, Gaming Law, Electronic Player Assistance, Procedures, Surveillance, Myths, Game Protection Mathematics, Training, The Future of Game Protection, and much, much more. Limited Edition.

Comp City
by Max Rubin

Comp City Book
Most casinos dangle comps in front of players to get a shot at their bankrolls. Comp City suggests that players dangle their bankrolls to lure the casino's comps. This is a completely updated version of Rubin's landmark 1994 hardcover book. According to the New Orleans Times-Picayune the book is a practical, logical, factual, hysterical guide to bluffing your way into all-expenses-paid hedonism.
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Cruising the Casinos with Syndicated Gambling Columnist John Grochowski
by John Grochowski

Cruising the Casinos with Syndicated Gambling Columnist John Grochowski Book
A collection of John's newspaper columns originally published in 1994 and '95, Gaming takes you through his mix of essays, questions from readers and quizzes on topics ranging from blackjack strategy to roulette systems to compulsive gambling.

by Dennis Griffin

Cullotta Book
From burglary to armed robbery and murder, infamous bad guy Frank Cullotta not only did it all, he admits to it—and in graphic detail in this book. This no-holds-barred biography chronicles the life of a career criminal who started out as a thug on the streets of Chicago and became a trusted lieutenant in Tony Spilotro’s gang of organized lawbreakers in Las Vegas. Cullotta’s was a world of high-profile heists, street muscle, and information—lots of it—about many of the FBI’s most wanted. In the end, that information was his ticket out of crime, as he turned government witness and became one of a handful of mob insiders to enter the Witness Protection Program.
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Every Light Was On - Bill Harrah and His Clubs Remembered
by UNR Oral History Program

Every Light Was On - Bill Harrah and His Clubs Remembered Book
If ever a man didn't appear capable of succeeding in business -- especially the rough-and-tumble casino business of the 1930s -- it was Bill Harrah. But succeed he did, starting with a small bingo parlor and building one of the most profitable casinos in the world by the 1960s. A college drop out, a womanizer, an alcoholic, Harrah's passion was his automobile collection but somehow, he managed to find the right combination within himself and from his employees, to overcome all the obstacles of his life. In this book, Dwayne Kling interviewed more than 40 people who were closely associated with the casino king -- employees and wives (he was married seven times) -- all of whom help paint a complete picture of the man, the era, and the casino's history.

Experts' Guide to Casino Games
by Walter Thomason (editor)

Experts' Guide to Casino Games Book
Editor Walter Thomason brought together some of the top experts in gaming to lend their advice on all the most popular casino games -- Frank Scoblete on craps, Henry Tamburin on roulette, Let It Ride and Caribbean Stud, Alene Paone on baccarat, John Grochowski on blackjack and much more.
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