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Big Book of Blackjack
by Arnold Snyder
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Snyder shows beginning and advanced players everything they need to know to beat the game of casino blackjack. From the rules of the game to advanced professional strategies, his guidance and advice runs the gamut of strategies needed to successfully beat the casino-with the odds. Snyder has been a professional player and the guru for serious players for more than 25 years. One of the most fascinating sections, rarely covered in any previous book in depth, is the history of the game and how it evolved, including profiles of some of the great players, some of them pioneers..
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Blackjack Rules and History

Like most long-standing popular games, the history of blackjack is somewhat obscure.  Most people believe it evolved from the French vingt-et-un (twenty-one), which originated in French casinos around 1700, and did not offer the 3:2 bonus for a two-card 21.  The current incarnation of the game was originally intended by casino operators as a diversion for the wives of men playing the craps table.  Over time blackjack has become the most popular table game in casinos worldwide.  The rules are fairly simple, but to play it without giving the house too big an edge involves some strategy.  Read about the history of the game and the rules here at ReadyBetGo.

History of Speed Count: - Part I
by Henry Tamburin
For the past three years, Henry Tamburin has been the Lead Instructor in the Golden Touch Blackjack in which he teaches average players the new playing technique called Speed Count. In this article he answers questions regarding this counting technique.
Blackjack Changes
by Henry Tamburin
Blackjack has evolved considerably since the days when Henry Tamburin first started playing. In this article, he shows how the casinos have chipped away at the decent rules and have increasingly taken more money from the players.
Rule Variations and Their Costs
by Basil Nestor
You won't find too many single decks out in the blackjack universe unless it's teamed up with the awful 6:5 pay on twenty-one. Let's take a close look at how the different rules affect the house edge.
Blackjack Decisions: Insurance, Hit, Stand, Double, or Split
by Basil Nestor
You've been dealt your cards. Now what? You've got to make a decision. Should you take insurance, another card, double your bet, split a pair or just stand? Let's look at these decisions one at a time.
The Flow of the Game of Blackjack
by Basil Nestor
How is blackjack actually played? What are the rules? How do you start betting? These important questions are answered in this section of ReadyBetGo's Guide to Blackjack.
Blackjack: Basic Rules and Strategies
by Basil Nestor
Are you brand new to blackjack? Then this guide is for you. It's an overview of how blackjack is played.
How Blackjack Rule Variations Change Your Edge
Blackjack basic strategy can keep you playing longer with a better chance of winning. Casinos try to get back their edge with multiple decks and rule variations. Learn what the effects are and what to do about it.
Blackjack Rules - Beyond the Basics
Double Down, Splitting Pairs and Surrender are important to understand if you are going to maximize your betting dollar when playing blackjack. When done properly, these options are essential to cutting down the house edge and improving yours. We'll take your through each of these choices and show you the best plays.
Blackjack Rules - The Basics
Blackjack is one of the most enjoyable games in the casino. Learn the basics of blackjack, and you are on your way to winning the game.
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