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Interesting gambling books
Omaha Poker - 21st Century Edition
by Bob Ciaffone
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This book thoroughly explains Omaha, the action-packed poker form that uses four cards in your hand. It was originally printed in 1984, then greatly expanded in the Millennium Edition (1999) to give deeper coverage of the popular form for limit play, high-low split eight-or-better. Ciaffone has now republished it in 2006 under the new title 'Omaha Poker.' The entire book has been rewritten, with 20 extremely informative pages added on pot-limit Omaha high. If you have an earlier edition of the book, no need to buy the new one -- unless your game is pot-limit Omaha high, in which case you need the new book big time.
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Interesting gambling books
In the Money
by Antonio Esfandiari
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At this very moment, thousands of poker lovers are playing Cash Games, a non-tournament style version of Texas Hold 'Em, in casinos, home games, and online. In this follow-up to New York Times best seller World Poker Tour: Shuffle Up and Deal, poker professional Antonio Esfandiari provides the next level of poker strategies and insights for players of Cash Games, the most commonly played version of Texas Hold 'Em. Other stars of the World Poker Tour, the most popular show in the history of the Travel Channel, offer their tips as well. This indispensable strategy guide is a must-have for any player who wants to know how to win his or her next hand and be 'in the money.'
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Poker Books and Reviews

The Complete Book of Hold'em Poker
by Gary Carson

The Complete Book of Hold'em Poker Book
Hold'em poker has become more strategically complex. This book teaches strategies in Hold'em that vary with the style of the game. For instance the tactics used in the tight Las Vegas games are not the same as those used in the very loose and aggressive games of southwest Louisiana.

The Hand I Played: A Poker Memoir
by David Spanier

The Hand I Played: A Poker Memoir Book
This is a gem of a memoir on poker. Spanier describes his initiation into gambling and then turns to describing the game he loves Full of frank and amusing personal anecdotes and observations about poker this book is an absolute pleasure to read.

The Official Dictionary of Poker
by Michael Wiesenberg

The Official Dictionary of Poker Book
Completely updated and revised, this edition contains the entire spectrum of poker terminology, from the common ('Texas hold 'em') to the obscure ('Dewey Duck'), illustrated by thousands of colorful examples actually heard in cardrooms. If you've ever wondered about the correct way to use a poker term or were bewildered by what your poker-playing cohorts were saying, here's the one book that explains it all. You will find The Official Dictionary of Poker valuable as a reference; you will return to it frequently as a fun read.

The Poker Aficionado
by Peter Thomas Fornatale

The Poker Aficionado Book
A book of lists for poker enthusiasts, this work includes information as basic as a list of the rank of hands, and as amusing as the most bizarre things used as collateral during a game. Filled with lessons learned from some of poker’s biggest names, it features: Phil Gordon's ten poker commandments, Five ways to cheat—and to spot a cheater, The eight best poker movies, Mike Caro’s nine most common tells, Amarillo Slim's most famous sayings,The best snacks to have at a home game, including recipes, Clonie Gowen on the advantages of being the only woman at the table, Twelve famous players' good luck charms, and Six secrets to winning at online poker.

The Poker Face of Wall Street
by Aaron Brown

The Poker Face of Wall Street Book
The author, an executive with Morgan Stanley, holds a degree in applied mathematics (Harvard) and in finance (University of Chicago). In both institutions, he played poker with the rich and future famous. In this work he focuses on the odds and skills underlying the mercurial crafts of risk taking and shows how poker and Wall Street are easily intertwined. He reveals why the modern game of poker and modern finance have more simlarities than differences and what they mean for players at each kind of table.

The Poker Mindset (Essential Attitudes for Poker Success)
by Matthew Hilger

The Poker Mindset (Essential Attitudes for Poker Success) Book
The authors answer the question of what 'secret' separates top poker players from poker wannabes. They explain that pros use a series of established approaches and behaviors that enable them to bring their best game to the table session after session, regardless of short-term results. Taylor and Hilger lay bare, the seven core attitudes and concepts that ensure you have the optimal emotional, psychological, and behavioral framework for playing superior poker.
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The Professor, the Banker, and the Suicide King
by Michael Craig

The Professor, the Banker, and the Suicide King Book
An unusual title to be sure so an explanation is in order. The Professor is Howard Lederer; the Banker is Texan Andy Beal and the Suicide King is the King of Hearts (for if you look at this card, he appears to be holding a broad sword behind his head -- or at it). This is a book about poker and people, what makes the players tick, what draws them to the cutting edge of the game, who the best are, how and why they play and why they chose the life they live. It is packed with history, biographical and background material on some of the biggest names ever to play the game, taking you from poker's early days in Las Vegas to modern times and the red-hot action nationally, internationally.
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The Rules of Poker: Essentials for Every Game
by Lou Krieger

The Rules of Poker: Essentials for Every Game Book
This book provides comprehensive rules for all the major poker games, making it an ultimate poker argument settler. Many rules are annotated with examples and interpretation notes so that nothing is lost in translation. The book is fully indexed so it is any easy reference is the casino, or where ever you may be playing.
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Tournament Poker
by Tom McEvoy

Tournament Poker Book
Twenty chapters cover some of the most vital areas players have been asking for years. Here are some chapter headings: Limit Hold'em; Texas Hold'em No Limit; Pot-Limit Texas Hold'em; Aces-5 Lowball (With Joker); Deuce to Seven Draw (No Limit); Limit Omaha; Pot Limit Omaha; Omaha Hi -Low (8 or Better); Seven Card Stud; Seven Card Stud (Hi-Lo Split); Seven Card Razz; Strategies for Low Stakes Rebuy Tournaments; Satellite Strategy.There are discussions of how to maintain emotional stability; going into partnerships to finance your way into a tourney; keeping records; toking; and working a deal at the final table.
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Tournament Poker and The Art of War
by David Apostolico

Tournament Poker and The Art of War Book
This is a book about understanding yourself as a player while understanding who you have to face in battle and learning to survive--a key element in no-limit poker tournament play. Risk, deception, exploiting a situation to your own benefit, waiting for the right time to eliminate an opponent, and adjusting your play accordingly are all factors to understand and master.

Testing you opponents, the power of keen observation, project a strong table image--these areas have been discussed in other books, but rarely with such keen examples, in short powerful bursts of advice.

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Ultimate Guide to Poker Tells
by Randy Burgess

Ultimate Guide to Poker Tells Book
Covering limit and no-limit poker among its 10 chapters (illustrated), Burgess makes a valid point about Mike Caro's original book on the subject -- it was written before hold'em became the hottest game, when draw poker or stud was popular. Plus, another generation or two of players have honed their camouflage skills behind sunglasses, hoods, funny eyeglasses and stone-cold stares to counter reads by opponents. The book should help improve your own game, whether a beginner or hard core pro and to smooth out your own table etiquette while disguising your mode of play.
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Weighing the Odds in Hold'em Poker
by King Yao

Weighing the Odds in Hold'em Poker Book
This is no ordinary hold'em book. Yao, a former derivatives trader shows how to think through the various situations you may encounter at the poker table. The chapters build upon each other in order to build an understanding of the mathematical and analytical aspects of a limit hold'em player. You do not, need to be strong in math in order to benefit from the information; rather this book challenges you to think about the game so you can understand how your opponents play and respond to different actions. The four sections include the foundation chapters that demonstrate how to identify and attack different player personalities, the basics of expected value, an explanation of outs, non-outs, unknown cards (and how to count outs), how to figure pot odds quickly and accurately and the different positions and their values. The strategic chapters cover when and against whom to raise for free cards, when and how to bluff, the importance and value of semi-bluffing, and when to use deceptive strategies such as slow play and check raise. The hand development chapters cover playing different hands, how to evaluate the flop, what to think about on the turn and how to make decisions on the river.
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Win Your Way into Big Money Hold'em Tournaments
by Tom McEvoy

Win Your Way into Big Money Hold'em Tournaments Book
Two of poker's tournament and satellite tournament winners have joined forces to provide players with the key elements to entering and winning those valuable satellite tournaments that can get you into the big leagues for, as the cliche goes, pennies on the dollar. This book gives you specific, proven strategies for most satellite structure and situations. In addition to learning 10 Ways to Win a Seat for the World Series of Poker and other major tournaments, you also will find out how to: win limit hold'em and no-limit hold'em satellites; win one-table satellites for big tournaments; win online one-table satellites and multi-table satellites; play super satellites for the World Series of Poker; and play the final table of a super satellite.
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Winning in Tough Hold'em Games
by Nick Grudzien

Winning in Tough Hold'em Games Book
Though many books cover Texas hold'em, few concentrate on the tougher aspects of short-handed hold'em, particularly in the high-stakes limit hold'em games often found in the online poker arena. Both authors, who were fraternity brothers, gained most of their needed experience online. The authors start with a detailed explaination of the typical players at various limits, starting at the $3-6 level and progressing to the $150-300 and up limits. Their work is peppered with charts that verify the concepts and theories they teach and include pre-flop play (opening with a raise, playing to steal, isolating players, restealing, limping, etc.), defending the blinds (three bets, four bets, handling passive and aggressive blinds), post-flop heads-up play (responding to check raises on the flop and turn, betting the river as a stone bluff, turn value check, the semi-bluff, and more) plus miscellaneous topics. The final sections include sample hands and discussions of them, quizzes and a summary.
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