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Is It Possible That Online Baccarat Casinos Are Rigged?

by ReadyBetGo Editor

Online Baccarat has not been subjected to many speculations of cheating, as most other online games have. However, one cannot still help but wonder whether or not casinos that offer this game are rigged. 

DoReadyBetGo EditorThere are occasions when we here at ReadyBetGo want to bring you interesting facts about the gambling industry  When something catches our eye, we will publish it for your enjoyment. 
  you think they are compromised or not? There is only one sure way to find out – read to the end.

Do not confuse rigging and scamming. When we talk about rigging, we look into whether the host casino can place measures that favor it. Scamming is a whole different concept, of which we know that the Internet has lots of scammers. 

One way to safeguard yourself from becoming a scam victim is to ensure that you choose a legitimate casino website. Counter-checking the URL can prove helpful. 

Can an Online Baccarat Casino Be Rigged?

Despite speculations over the possibility of this happening, the truth is that rigging an online Baccarat casino is much harder than you think. Hence, diminishing chances of that happening. 

The overall goal is to make a profit while engaging clients and to increase the customer database. For a customer to enjoy and even refer the casino to friends, they must feel safe and protected. They must also have the perception that the gameplay is fair.

Due to the ultimate goal of remaining operational, casinos put in place mechanisms that maintain fair gameplay. They understand that the online world is riskier, and the slightest rumor of rigging is enough to chase away customers. Thus, they strive to ensure nothing happens that would take them out of business. 

But the choice to ensure there is no rigging at the casino does not lie only on the casino's will. Instead, there are rules and regulations which govern the model of its operation. Rigging is unlawful and results in the closure of the business and possible prosecution of those involved. As such, the possibilities of an online casino getting rigged dwindles further. 

Measures That Prevent Rigging

Three specific actions have been enforced over the years and helped weed out the idea of rigging.

    1. Government auditing

As mentioned above, casinos are expected to operate based on a set of laws and regulations. Casinos are subjected to regular and impromptu audits by relevant government authorities. Thus, they have the pressure to meet these requirements. Third parties are also involved in the auditing process.

These audits often happen without the knowledge of the casino. That means they have no chance to create a false picture, only to resume unfair practices after the audit. Any new day may be the day they get audited. Thus, they establish some sense of consistency in their gameplay.

    2. Public relations dilemma

We live at a time when information spreads quite fast. Players may be distributed worldwide, but they are connected via social media platforms where they exchange information. If a player suspects a case of rigging, they can share with others to taint the company’s image. 

Due to this reality, casinos do not want to face the hurdles associated with creating a positive public image after such a heinous accusation. When a player is contented with the outcome of gameplay and gives the casino a good star rating, its PR efforts pay off. 

    3. Independent testing

Casinos know that a few rogue officials may try to manipulate games for their gain. Thus, their management typically involves independent testers to determine random number generation and fairness. 

Conclusion – Casino Rigging Is Diminished

The measures that exist in the gambling world have helped minimize the possibility of rigging in Baccarat casinos. Thanks to various protection strategies, players can confidently place a bet knowing that they have fair gameplay.

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