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Canadian Gambling Market Tendencies

by ReadyBetGo Editor

Whether you are already a seasoned gambler or just starting the breathtaking journey to online gambling, you surely need to be aware of the latest tendencies related to the gambling market of CanadaReadyBetGo EditorThere are occasions when we here at ReadyBetGo want to bring you interesting facts about the gambling industry  When something catches our eye, we will publish it for your enjoyment. 
  and probably even the worldwide. That’s actually the main reason for reading this article. It deals with the latest gambling statistics that perfectly illustrates all trends of gambling in Canada. This info will surely help you to get even more winnings in any Canadian licensed online casino from the exclusive NativeCasinos Toplist that we highly recommend to check out!

Canadian Gamblers’ Winnings

Based on the research supported by the data retrieved from the Canadian Gaming Association (CGA), in 2014, Canadians managed to collectively win as much as $910 million! What a stunning overall sum of the wins, huh? We bet you’re interested particularly in online casino stats, don’t you? The total sum of winnings made by online casino players from Canada has reached the crazy figure of about $11.8 billion. In 2018, it has increased even more up to $15 billion. Be ready to be shocked even more! According to SGA predictions, in 2021, gambling websites are estimated to cash out as much as $22 billion to online players from Canada! This sum is almost twice as high as it was in 2014, which is truly incredible. Moreover, the development of this industry seems even more skyrocketing compared to the predicted annual tendency of the growth rate of 0.4%.

These impressive numbers perfectly illustrate how demanding and popular gambling on the web is increasingly becoming in Canada and probably even across the world (since international players are also accepted)! Besides, these huge figures demonstrate the significant importance of the online gambling industry as a financially powerful mechanism. Evidently, it’s highly beneficial for the state economy, so the government is very likely to become even more interested in developing this gold mine! 

To spice up this section even more we suggest you to take a guess of the biggest Canadian’s win in online casinos. Any ideas? It’s really stunning indeed. It’s as huge as €830,040! Be ready for an even more shocking piece of info. That immense sum was won by a woman in 2001! Sexism aside, it really contradicts the statistical data that shows that 82% of Canada’s gamblers on the web are men.

Canadian Most Loved Form of Gambling

You definitely want to know what gambling activities are most loved in Canada, right? In this section, you are sure to find this info! We have questioned the equal number of both land based and online gamblers about their favourite games and ended up with the following results: 

  • Video lottery terminals (VLTs) are loved by only 8.4% Canadians, which makes it the least popular (2.1%) gambling activity in Canada;
  • 11.2% Canadians prefer Bingo, which results in 2.8% of the total gambling market;
  • Bingo is followed by American Roulette that is loved by 16%, which is 4% in the chart;
  • Land based slot machines are loved by not so many players (17.0%) compared to online slots (90%) that are undeniable winners in the chart – 22.6% for online slots vs only 4.3% for land based reel machines;
  • Overall, land based casinos are not so popular since they are prefered by only 17.1%, which results into only 4.3% in the representative chart;
  • 32.2% Canadians opt for rafflest, which comprises the total of 8.1%;
  • Online Roulette is loved by 40%, which comprises 10.1% in the chart; 
  • 49.6% love land based national lotteries, which is 12.5% out of all the popular casino games;
  • Online lotteries are slightly more popular (loved by 61% online gamblers) as they make the total of 15.3%;
  • Online blackjack is also quite popular as it’s opted by 46% of the respondents, which results in 11.6% of the total. 
Canadian Gambling Chart

More Canadian Gambling Stats

On average, Canadians spent about CA$90 on blackjack and CA$56 on slots, which is quite impressive, isn’t it? It’s even more interesting to find out that Canadian gambling laws tend to be broken from time to time. Specifically, we have revealed that 40% of Canadian teenagers aged 13 – 19 occasionally gamble on the web, while it’s legal only since the age of 19 in most Canadian provinces with a few exceptions when gambling is allowed since 18. Moreover, 10% of Canada’s adolescents confessed that they have tried gaming on the web at least once in their lives. You might find it interesting that the most popular gambling activities of teenage players include slots, poker, and blackjack.

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