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Theory of Blackjack
by Peter Griffin
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For the serious player who can handle college-level math. Includes definition and analysis of basic strategy; approximating bet and strategy variation; single parameter counting systems; multiparameter counting systems; the importance of grouping cards; insurance; distribution of probability; likely consequences of errors in counting systems; betting gain in two-four decks. One of the most important books on blackjack with charts, tables and formulas for almost every variation.

Automatic Win at Blackjack Takes Off in Indiana

Sunday, December 09, 2007

INDIANA -- As reported by the North West Indiana Times: "Frank Mugnolo, president and CEO of Casino Gaming LLC in southwest suburban Broadview, had an idea a few years ago for an option players
  could exercise in select situations at blackjack tables.

"If a player is holding a two-card 20 (10/10 or A/9) and the dealer is showing a 10-value up-card (no blackjack), the player could elect not to play out the hand in return for keeping the original bet and being paid half its value in winnings.

"He called his bet 'Casino Surrender' and began to market it to casinos around the country in spring 2005. It was successful but never took off the way Mugnolo had hoped.

"One of the obstacles, he theorized, was that too many people confused it with standard 'surrender,' an option offered at some casinos that permits players to salvage half their original bet for not playing out a hand, which is at a mathematical disadvantage against the dealer's up card.

"Earlier this year Mugnolo renamed the bet 'Automatic Win,' capturing its true essence -- and branding the bet with an identity all its own.

"That was the key. A recent surge in acceptance has seen the option picked up by casinos around the country, including the Chicago area.

"Automatic Win has been added to all of the blackjack tables at Harrah's Joliet and Resorts East Chicago..."

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