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Club USA Casino Blackjack
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Club USA Casino Blackjack is the best bet for practicing blackjack basic strategy without stress and distractions. The game comes in both free play and real money modes and you can play up to three hands on your own table. The rules are favorable and with a house edge of only 0.71%, better than many casinos. The table minimum is $1 per hand and the maximum is $500.
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Guide to Blackjack
Blackjack Basic Rules and StrategiesAre you brand new to blackjack? Then this guide is for you. It's an overview of how blackjack is played. Blackjack Game FlowHow is blackjack actually played? What are the rules? How do you start betting? These important questions are answered in this section of ReadyBetGo's Guide to Blackjack.Blackjack Plays: Insurance, Hit, Stand, Double, or SplitYou've been dealt your cards. Now what? You've got to make a decision. Should you take insurance, another card, double your bet, split a pair or just stand? Let's look at these decisions one at a time.Blackjack: Bad Play vs. StrategyThe casinos make a lot of money on blackjack. There are three types of players who they are happy to see coming up to the table. These people make bad plays for a number of reasons. Let's take a look at who's playing bad blackjack.Blackjack Basic StrategyBlackjack basic strategy is the keystone of good blackjack play. By learning it you'll remove yourself from the minor leagues where people are making the wrong plays at least 15% of the time. With easy to learn charts and good advice you'll become an advantage player.Lower the House Edge in BlackjackYou've learned the rules and some basic strategy. Now you want to get the best bang for your blackjack buck. Let's look at how doubling, splitting and hitting stiff hands can help and why insurance can't.Blackjack Probability and the House EdgeHow often should you expect to win in blackjack. Well, there are probabilities and there are realities. Just remember, they aren't often the same in the short run.How to Play Different Blackjack GamesPrior to starting any game of blackjack, be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules of that particular form of the game. This article explains how to adjust your blackjack strategy depending on the variation you are playing.
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BJ Insider Newsletter - Get 3 months Free!ReadyBetGo has made a special arrangement to allow our visitors to receive a three month free trial of Henry Tamburin's Blackjack Insider Newsletter. The e-Newsletter is published monthly and provides a wide variety of articles including trip reports to all of the major casino destinations, blackjack strategy, tournament news, and much more. The free membership also allows members to access archived newsletters that contain a total of over 200 articles and reports on blackjack. Arnold Snyder's Blackjack Forum OnlineArnold Snyder is one of the great legends of blackjack. He is also one of the seven charter members of the "Blackjack Hall of Fame." Since 1981, his Blackjack Forum has been the leading trade journal for card counters and other professional gamblers. Now the tradition continues online. In addition to articles by Snyder, the site features writing by James Grosjean, Peter Griffin, Richard W. Munchkin and other noted blackjack experts, plus interviews with Ken Uston, Tommy Hyland, Al Francesco, Keith Taft, Johnny C. of the MIT blackjack team, Sam Case, Nick Alexander and other players who have made gambling history.Blackjack Review NetworkThe brainchild of Michael Dalton, Blackjack Review Network is a comprehensive source for all things blackjack. This includes Dalton's in-depth Encyclopedia of Casino Twenty-One, an excellent basic strategy area, a full catalog of blackjack, poker and video poker books and software, and a popular gambling forum. All-in-all, a great resource.

Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack HandBlackjack strategy comes in many forms and guises.  From the basics of when to hit or stand to the best cards for splitting or doubling down, blackjack strategy articles will take your game to a higher level. Our blackjack articles wiill also show you how to get more comps and give you tips on rules variations and special side bets.

Tips for Adapting Casino Strategies in Live Roulette and Blackjack
by ReadyBetGo Editor
The emergence of live casinos online has added an exciting new element to roulette and blackjack. In these games, the presence of a live dealer makes this a unique experience. However, you may wonder whether you need a different strategy to play in this way.
The Five Most Powerful Starting Hand Types in Blackjack
by ReadyBetGo Editor
Blackjack Hand
When playing poker, most people know that there are certain hands that give you a huge advantage. A royal flush is the best hand you can have, almost unbeatable, and one that doesnít come around that many times. Straight flushes, four of a kind, full houses, these are all great hands where you can bet pretty confidently and hope to win the pot.
Blackjack Featured in Popular Culture
by ReadyBetGo Editor
Blackjack Featured in Popular Culture
Blackjack has been featured in many stories throughout the centuries and has been linked to quite a few legendary characters. Its predecessor was the game of 21 (whose origins remain unknown) and the first written reference that was ever made to the latter was in Miguel de Cervantesí adventure novel Rinconete y Cortadillo.
Blackjack variations
by ReadyBetGo Editor
Blackjack's popularity has led to a wealth of variations of the game, and the most well-known ones will be explained in this article. One of the most important rule variations is whether or not the dealer hits on a so-called soft 17, i.e. a hand containing an ace and one or more other cards that add up to six. When both the dealer and the player have the same amount of points, the play is called a push, and usually the player will get their wager returned.
Blackjack tips for beginners
by ReadyBetGo Editor
Blackjack tips for beginners
Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games and has been for many years because of its simplicity, it is easy to learn and play, and above all-it isnít just about luck. Of course, there is a lot of luck involved, but if you know what you are doing and play the game right, you will find yourself winning a lot more than you lose.
The Soft 17 Rule in Blackjack
by Henry Tamburin
The 'soft 17 rule' is a rule that requires the dealer to hit on soft 17. For many blackjack players, this rather innocuous rule doesn't seem like a big deal, but the fact of the matter it is.
Poker and Blackjack Strategies
by ReadyBetGo Editor
Poker and Blackjack Strategies
In todayís world, where almost every working individual is burdened with tons of responsibilities, daunted by challenging deadlines, and depressed with a monotonous lifestyle, taking a much deserved break is something that must be prioritized. Since traveling to a distant location and spending some time in seclusion is not feasible for everyone, people can find the same degree of relaxation by indulging in fun-loving and money-making games like poker and blackjack.
What's the Difference Between Video Blackjack and Live Blackjack
by Basil Nestor
The limits are lower, the seats aren't crowded and you can play at your own pace. So why aren't video blackjack machines more popular? Let's ask Basil.
When the stakes rise, find a new table
by John Grochowski
The casino decides its time to raise the betting limits at the blackjack table. You've been having some luck. Should you stay or move on?
Know What to EXPECT When Playing Blackjack
by Jay Moore
We're often told to expect the unexpected. This happens often in blackjack. But as Jay Moore explains, we need to know as much as we can about what to expect when playing blackjack if we expect to come out ahead.
Controlling Your Destiny at the Blackjack Tables
by Henry Tamburin
Henry Tamburin knows that most players sometimes feel the casino (a.k.a. the dealer) is controlling their destiny. How many times can the same dealer draw that one and only card that beats your hand? But believe it or not, you have a great say in your destiny at the blackjack tables.
How to Play Elimination Blackjack Tournaments
by Henry Tamburin
Elimination blackjack is a new and exciting format for blackjack tournaments. The elimination format was created by poker pro Russ Hamilton, who also developed and launched the Ultimate Blackjack Tour (UBT).
Blackjack Terms
by Gayle Mitchell
Blackjack has its own language. Gayle Mitchell has collected the terms you'll most often hear when you are playing the game and provides the definitions.
Lose More Hands with Blackjack Basic Strategy?
by Frank Scoblete
Basic strategy is geared to maximizing wins and minimizing losses -- of money, not hands. Sometimes utilizing basic strategy will actually lose you more hands! Find out why. . .
Comments on the Blackjack Movie '21'
by Bob Dancer
This might be the first time I've used this column for any type of review on a movie. This movie deals with blackjack rather than video poker, but it's certainly advantage gambling in Las Vegas, and broadly defined that's what this column is about, so that's what this week's column is going to be about.
How to Win Elimination Blackjack Tournaments - Part 2
by Henry Tamburin
This the second part of an article on Elimination Blackjack, a new blackjack tournament format is being used in the televised Ultimate Blackjack Tour.
History of Blackjack Games
by Henry Tamburin
The golden years of blackjack were when dealers pitched the cards to players, playing rules were very player-friendly, blackjacks paid 3 to 2, and comps were easy to come by. Things have changed. . .
How Many Blackjack Players Pay Attention to Basic Strategy?
by John Grochowski
What percentage of blackjack players do you think are counting cards? Half? I just wonder, when I see players splitting 6s against a 10. They can't be counting cards.
Blackjack Changes
by Henry Tamburin
Blackjack has evolved considerably since the days when Henry Tamburin first started playing. In this article, he shows how the casinos have chipped away at the decent rules and have increasingly taken more money from the players.
Is Two-Handed Blackjack a Good Deal?
by Henry Tamburin
Often when you play blackjack, you'll see someone playing two spots instead of one. Is there any advantage to this? Let's see.
Blackjack Continuous Shufflers
by Henry Tamburin
ShuffleMaster is a leader in production of continuous card shufflers like the one pictured here.
I'm getting more questions from blackjack players about continuous shufflers now that they are being used in more casinos. What players want to know is if the odds are better or worse with a continuous shuffling machine (CSM).
Playing Blackjack for the First Time
by Henry Tamburin
Being intimidating is a fair reason for not playing blackjack. But how does a wannabe blackjack player overcome this fear? According to a psychologist friend-of-mine to overcome someone's fear of doing something you've got to 'build up their confidence in whatever they are afraid of doing'.
The Cost of Making 'Dumb' Blackjack Plays
by Henry Tamburin
That are the typical dumb plays made by blackjack players? Certainly 'always making the insurance bet' ranks right up there as one of the dumbest plays. In order to create a list of the other most common dumb plays made by players I used my own observations from Henry Tamburin's 27 year blackjack playing career.
Knowing What to Expect When Playing Blackjack -- Part II
by Jay Moore
With blackjack, in the short term, anything is possible and luck is one of the deciding factors. But over the long term things will happen as we expect them to. Jay Moore believes if your expectations are attuned to reality, you'll be a winner more often and you'll have more fun gambling.
Why You Should Consider Playing Blackjack
by Henry Tamburin
Of all the casino games, why bet on blackjack? What makes it 'different' from any other casino banked game? Henry Tamburin makes the argument that blackjack is one of the best games to play in a casino because its fun and the odds against you are slim.
When it Comes to Basic Blackjack, Slow it Down
by Henry Tamburin
It may seem strange, but it's true that blackjack playing conditions that favor a skilled blackjack card counter are not necessarily the best playing conditions for an average basic strategy player. How can this be? In this article, Henry Tamburin explains why.
How to Play Spanish 21
by Henry Tamburin
Spanish 21 is a popular variant of the the traditional blackjack game. It can be found in many casinos around the world and also on the Internet at quality online casinos. In thie article, Henry Tamburin explains how the game works and the best way to play it.
Blackjack Side Bets
by Henry Tamburin
Since casinos do not have big margins on their blackjack tables they often try to offer side bets to boost profits. Henry Tamburin gives us a summary of the more common blackjack side bets.
The 10 Most Profitable Hands in Blackjack
by Henry Tamburin
Ever wonder why you should split tens or face cards? Henry Tamburin explains this and why a A-9 is better than a pair of 10s in this overview of the 10 most powerful blackjack hands.
Winning More at Blackjack
by Henry Tamburin
The most often question I get from blackjack players is 'how can I win more money'. After all, most players want to have a good time ('fun') when they play blackjack but at the end of the day they hope to wind up with more money than they started with.
Blackjack Advice - Who Can You Trust?
by Henry Tamburin
Even though they play the game all day doesn't mean that blackjack dealers should be your first choice when looking for advice on how to play. Henry Tamburin will set you straight when it comes to some of the misinformation that circulates at blackjack tables and casinos.
When Should Playing for Comps Enter the Equation?
by Basil Nestor
If you are playing out of your comfort zone because you want to earn comps, you're probably making the wrong decision. This is particularly true if you deviating from basic strategy while playing blackjack.
Big Mistakes Made by Blackjack Players
by Henry Tamburin
There are a lot of behaviors that separate the good blackjack players from the chronic losers. Henry Tamburin has seen the differences and has picked out the five most common bad mistakes made by poor blackjack players.
Tokes - Tipping at Blackjack
by Basil Nestor
You see other players doing it at times, usually if they're winning. Toking, tipping, giving the dealer something extra. Read how it's done the right way here.
Attracting New Blackjack Players
by Henry Tamburin
Even though blackjack is the most popular table game in casinos, it could have a much bigger following if the casino managers would cultivate new players. Henry Tamburin has asked a number of players what they would like to see implemented to encourage more blackjack action.
Blackjack Superstitions and Customs
by Basil Nestor
Anytime luck plays a part in a game superstitions and customs will arise. Here's a look at the common and not so common ones that you'll find when playing blackjack.
Blackjack Etiquette Basics
by Basil Nestor
If you're a beginning blackjack player you'll want to make sure you follow the proper etiquette when playing. For those who have been playing for a while, you may want to see if you are doing the right things.
Getting Maximum Comps By Playing Blackjack
by Henry Tamburin
Blackjack can give you the best comps of any casino game, and the rewards can range from a free meal, to rooms, to even air fare. Henry Tamburin explains the ins and outs of blackjack comps in this article.
Blackjack Side Bets and Bonuses
by Basil Nestor
You'll see them when you go out to play blackjack. Find out more about blackjack side bets and bonuses here.
Betting at Blackjack
by Henry Tamburin
How should you bet when playing blackjack? Should you stick to flat bets where you bet the same amount or should you consider progressive betting, raising when you're winning? Henry Tamburin gives you his recommendation to this common question.
A Better Way to Tip a Blackjack Dealer
by Henry Tamburin
If you've ever felt unsure or uneasy about how and when to tip a blackjack dealer, Henry Tamburin is here to help. He'll even give you insights to the why of tipping.
Blackjack: Favorable and Unfavorable Games
by Basil Nestor
Although a lot of people may not notice, finding your way to the best blackjack table can be a daunting experience. There are a mutltitude of rule variations a deck choices. Let's examine the important things to remember when running through the casino jungle.
Be Selective When You Play Blackjack
by Henry Tamburin
The two variables that determine how good the blackjack game is for the average non-counting player is the number of decks and the playing rules. Let's look at the bad, good and best blackjack games for single, double, six and eight decks.
E-Z Blackjack
by Henry Tamburin
Playing blackjack is fun and it can be profitable. And you don't have to be a math whiz to become a smart blackjack player. In ten minutes you'll learn an easy blackjack strategy that will help you win more often.
When the Going gets Tough at Blackjack
by Henry Tamburin
Here are some methods you can use the next time the cards are going against you in blackjack. Henry Tamburin examines some common situations and tells you the best way to play them.
The Best Books on Blackjack
by Howard Schwartz
Howard Schwartz, the librarian for gamblers, and now owner of the Gambler's Book Club in Las Vegas takes us through his list of the best books on blackjack.
Can Blackjack Dealers Cheat You?
by Basil Nestor
Are dealers at the casinos trustworthy? Can you trust that they are not cheating you? Here's the scoop. . .
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