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Interesting gambling books
Video Poker for the Intelligent Beginner
by Bob Dancer
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Focuses on important steps to winning such as how to choose the right machine and the correct way to evaluate slot clubs and promotions. The book breaks down into three categories: No Wild Cards; Deuces Wild variations and Joker Wild variations with almost three dozen games under scrutiny starting with Jacks or Better and Bonus Poker and moving on to Double Bonus, Triple Bonus Poker Plus, Double Double Bonus, Royal Aces Bonus, Double Deuces, Loose Deuces, Deuces Bonus and numerous Joker Wild variations. 237 pages, paperbound. 2009.
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Recommended Software
Bob Dancer's Video Poker For Winners!
by Bob Dancer
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Bob Dancer, America’s top video poker expert, has designed the latest and greatest video poker software to do everything but pay you money. You can play VP for Winners! as a game, use it as a tutorial, create strategies, focus on problem areas, check unusual hands, calculate bankroll requirements, figure slot club paybacks, check expected value, and much much more. Learn at home, practicing on the exact video poker screens you find in the casino, including games never before available in video poker software (Super Times Pay, Hundred Play, and Multi-Strike), then win at the casino! The program also contains video introductions and comprehensive help from Bob Dancer. Because Video Poker for Winners! corrects you when you’re wrong, this software programs you to win.
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Interesting gambling books
More Sex, Lies and Video Poker
by Bob Dancer
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Second in the series of Dancer's video poker fiction, this is an intricately plotted erotic novel filled with the shrewd thinking and elaborate schemes of winning gamblers. It's a fast-moving and insightful book about winning at video poker. It's also about Vegas, baby! Chris is in love with Annie, but Maria wants Chris for an occasional sex-with-no-strings fling. Maria is the mistress of high roller Jimmy, who had a recent affair with Meg, Chris's sister-in-law. Meg's husband Richard, meanwhile, is pursuing Maria, whom Jimmy wants to trade with him for another crack at Meg. The whole ménage is lubricated with alcohol, abetted by guns and martial arts, and inhabited by people willing to lie to those closest to them in order to reach their goals.
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About Bob Dancer

Book Author

Bob Dancer is the best known video poker player and writer in the country today. Six years after initiating his career as a professional gambler in 1994 with a $6,000 bankroll and a strong desire to win, Dancer and his wife Shirley won more than $1 million during a six-month period between September 2000 and March 2001.

Shortly after this time, Bob wrote Million Dollar Video Poker, a chronicle of that time in his life.  The book also recounts the lessons learned during those six years, including how to accumulate and manage a bankroll, evaluate promotions, and coping with losing (and winning) streaks.

Bob is also a regular contributor to numerous gambling magazines including Casino Player, Strictly Slots and Anthony Curtis' Las Vegas Advisor.  Bob developed one of the best video poker simulators on the market, Win Poker, and teaches video poker gaming seminars in Las Vegas.  Even with all this activity, he still finds time to do what he does best, play video poker.

Bob's website is

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Figuring Out the Video Poker Strategy
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Strategy to casino winning in changing economic times
Every casino periodically makes adjustments in the games they offer. The recession is causing more than the normal number of adjustments to be made. Not because the casinos are mean, nasty, and greedy SOBs, but more likely because they are losing money and trying to hang on. Bob Dancer reviews how players can leverage and benefit from these new adjustments.
How I Figure It - Why Hourly Cash Prize Promos at Casinos Are Not a Great Bet
Bob Dancer examines cash prize promotions casinos offer to players who simply sit and play, and why these cash promos may not be great bonuses for casino patrons.
Dealt Quads in Quick Quads - Video Poker Strategy
It quickly becomes obvious that you get a lot more dealt quads in this game than you do in regular video poker. Bob decided to figure out how frequently this happens, and to use this as an excuse to review the math of how to figure these things out. Most video poker math is fairly simple once it's explained, but many players have no idea of how to attack the problem.
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