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World Series of Poker Official SiteThe World Series of Poker has been the premier poker tournament in the world ever since it was launched by Benny Binion at the Horseshoe in downtown Las Vegas in 1970. Harrah's bought the rights to the tournament in 2004 and has moved the action to the Rio. The official site shows the circuit schedule leading up to the big event held in the summer. There is also a registration section and a WSOP store.

2007 World Series of Poker Main Event Day 3 Results

Friday, July 13, 2007

LAS VEGAS -- The 806 players who started Day Three played down to the final 337 over the course of about 12 hours. On Day Three, play ended at 12:30 am. Day Four will play 4.5 levels and will end atThe World Series of Poker is the biggest poker event of the year.
The World Series of Poker is the biggest poker event of the year.
  approximately midnight.

The current chip leader is Dario Minieri, from Rome Italy. He enjoyed an amazing day – rocketing up from 343,700 in chips from the start of play to 2,398,000.

The first player to cross the one-million chip threshold was Kenny Tran, from Arcadia, CA. He is currently ranked seventh in chips. Chip leader Minieri exceeded the two-million mark at about 11:30 pm near the end of the day.

Another former world champion hit the rail. Ex-champ Chris “Jesus” Ferguson (2000) was eliminated during the first hour of play during Day Three.

There are five former world champions still alive in the main event. They include:

# Huck Seed (544,000)
# Robert Varkonyi (424,000)
# Scotty Nguyen (321,000)
# Carlos Mortensen (284,000)
# Berry Johnston (203,000)

Players entered the money spots about half an hour into the second round of Day Three. The unfortunate nine “bubble” players (those nine spots who were eliminated just outside the money) will compete in a special “Bubble Event” sponsored by Milwaukee’s Best Light beer. The winner of the nine-player event will officially be qualified as “Entrant Number 1” into the 2008 WSOP main event – with the entry fee posted by Milwaukee’s Best Light. The winner will also receive a year’s supply of beer.

The ensure that all players had a shot at prize money, play went hand-for-hand for nearly two full hours. It took 16 hands to eliminate 12 players to finally get into the money.

The official 622nd place finisher (one spot out of the prize money) was John Sigan, from Strongsville, OH.

The most extraordinary feat of the tournament thus far has been the incredible success of Hal Lubasky, from Las Vegas, NV. Lubasky is legally blind. He has a degenerative eye disease causing him to lose most of his eyesight, except for blurred colors. At the poker table Lubasky uses a “reader” – which means a person sits behind him at tableside and whispers the hole cards into Lubasky’s ear. From that point forward, all table decisions are dictated by Lubasky, so as not to violate the “one player to a hand” rule. His reader is named Jason, who works at a local bar frequented by Lubasky. In what is his first-ever WSOP event, Lebarski has now been guaranteed prize money. Currently, he has 409,000 in chips. Poker has given me back my life,” Lebarski told an ESPN interviewer.

One celebrity was eliminated on Day Three: Todd Phillips (film director) – finished in 380th place

The celebrities are still playing at the start of Day Four:
# Tobey Maguire (actor) – 131,900 in chips

# Sully Erna (songwriter and singer from Godsmack) – 135,000 in chips

# Sam Simon (television producer) – 172,000
There are six women still playing in the main event.

The World Series of Poker has become a truly international spectacle. There are 27 different nations represented among the final 337 players in the main event. About 20 percent of the field 74 players of the remaining 337 (at the start of Day Four) are international players.

End Day Two - Previous Notes

The $10,000 buy-in championship event attracted 6,358 players. This qualifies as the second-largest live poker tournament in history. Only the 2006 main event attracted more entries (8,773).

Former World Series of Poker Champions who played in the main event included:

# T.A. “Amarillo Slim” Preston, 1972 (eliminated on Day One)
# Doyle Brunson, 1976, 1977 (eliminated on Day One)
# Bobby “the Owl” Baldwin, 1978 (eliminated on Day One)
# Tom McEvoy, 1983 (eliminated on Day Two)
# Berry Johnston, 1986 (217,900 in chips starting Day Three)
# Johnny Chan, 1987, 1988 (eliminated on Day One)
# Phil Hellmuth, Jr., 1989 (eliminated on Day One)
# Brad Daugherty, 1991 (eliminated on Day One)
# Jim Bechtel, 1993 (eliminated on Day Two)
# Dan Harrington, 1995 (eliminated on Day Two)
# Huck Seed, 1996 (280,500 in chips starting Day Three)

# Scotty “the Prince” Nguyen, 1998 (107,800 in chips starting Day Three)

# Chris “Jesus” Ferguson (160,900 in chips starting Day Three)

# Carlos Mortensen, 2001 (254,700 in chips starting Day Three)

# Robert Varkonyi, 2002 (182,700 in chips starting Day Three)

# Chris Moneymaker, 2003 (eliminated on Day Two)
# Greg “Fossilman” Raymer, 2004 (eliminated on Day One)
# Joe Hachem, 2005 (eliminated on Day Two)
# Jamie Gold, 2006 (eliminated on Day One)

Defending world champion Jamie Gold, of Malibu, CA was eliminated on Day 1-D. He sat at the ESPN feature table and played about four levels (two-thirds of the day) before busting out.

This year’s main event attracted several celebrities. The following notables were eliminated on Day One:

# Antonio Tarver (World Light Heavyweight Boxing Champion)
# Nelly (singer and four-time Grammy Award winner)
# Shannon Elizabeth (actress)
# Jose Canseco (former Major League Baseball star)
# Jennifer Tilly (actress)
# Norm McDonald (actor and comedian)
# Ray Romano (actor and comedian)
# Tommy Vu (real estate tycoon and infomercial guru)

# These celebrities were eliminated on Day Two: Montel Williams (talk show host)

# Brad Garrett (actor and comedian)
# Jason Alexander (actor and comedian)
# Rick Tocchet (former NHL star)
# Hank Azaria (comedian/voice of “The Simpsons”)
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