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'Triple-Flop Hold'Em' Poker Variation Debuts

Monday, November 07, 2005
PRESS RELEASE -- "Triple-Flop Hold'Em" is a new variation of the popular card game Texas Hold'Em. According to the inventor, the game gives many advantages to the players with its unique series of three two-card flops.
Split pots are virtually non-existent when playing "Triple-Flop Hold'Em.” Also, there are noticeably larger pots in the "Triple-Flop Hold'Em" version Of "Hold'Em" for two reasons. First, due to the double card flops and secondly, thanks to the last flop being two cards instead of one as in traditional Texas Hold-em poker.
"Bad Beats" are considerably fewer, because only three cards maximum from the board are allowed.
A "buy-a-card" option is available, after the third flop and before the fourth round of betting takes place. This "Buy" is an option to be chosen by the players and is not an integral part of the game, but an "extra".
This is the "Hold'Em" for the players who hate to split their pots, while seeking more drama and excitement, in a true poker game; the “Hold'Em” for the 21st Century and beyond.
The inventor of the new poker game reports that casinos who adopt the game can expect to receive higher player participation and profits once the game is implemented in their establishment.
Poker Inventions, LLC invents games and creates improved versions of existing games for gaming establishments. 
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