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Interesting gambling books
Ultimate Guide to Poker Tells
by Randy Burgess
Book Picture
Covering limit and no-limit poker among its 10 chapters (illustrated), Burgess makes a valid point about Mike Caro's original book on the subject -- it was written before hold'em became the hottest game, when draw poker or stud was popular. Plus, another generation or two of players have honed their camouflage skills behind sunglasses, hoods, funny eyeglasses and stone-cold stares to counter reads by opponents. The book should help improve your own game, whether a beginner or hard core pro and to smooth out your own table etiquette while disguising your mode of play.
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Bluff Magazine Names the 'Poker Power 20'

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

ATLANTA - (PRESS RELEASE) -- Poker is a game of power: The power to be courageous, the power to win with nothing in your hand but a fistful of determination and the power to turn rags into royal flushes. Bluff Magazine polled a panel of industry heavyweights and poker pundits to identify the most powerful and influential names at the final table of the poker industry - 'The Poker Power 20'. This definitive list ranks individuals and organizations based on their demonstrated ability and willingness to be an evolutionary force in the industry.

'The Poker Power 20' is more than a list of top money earners in poker. "To truly reflect the juggernaut that poker has become, 'The Poker Power 20' includes the companies, the brains trusts and the innovators that have aided poker's phenomenal commercial success," said Bluff Editor, Michael Caselli.

The near exponential growth of poker can be measured in more than just financial terms. Poker's success and influence is now felt all across the entire social spectrum and can be measured by the number of celebrities, heroes and revered entrepreneurs it has created, along with the unbelievable amount of new players it is attracting. All those finalists honoured in 'The Poker Power 20' have been integral components of this redefinition of poker in the public consciousness.

The list of finalists includes modern-day poker heroes such as Doyle Brunson, Chip Reese, Chris Moneymaker, Daniel Negreanu, and Phil Hellmuth - everyone's favorite guy to love to hate. It also includes behind-the-scenes poker movers and shakers such as tournament director Johnny Grooms, player agent Brian Balsburgh and WPT co-founders Steve Lipscomb and Lyle Berman. Additionally, 'The Poker Power 20' honors pioneering websites such as PartyPoker and PokerStars.

The results of Bluff Magazine's 'Poker Power 20' will be available in its January issue.

About Bluff Magazine

Bluff Magazine is America's Largest Poker Magazine with 250,000 copies printed and distributed nationwide. Bluff's 191,000 newsstand copies and 60,000 event, location, and subscription copies gets Bluff into the hands of poker enthusiasts eager to keep up with the fast-paced modern poker lifestyle. Regular contributors to Bluff Magazine include: Jennifer Tilly, Marcel Luske, Josh Arieh, Annie Duke, Antonio Esfandiari, Clonie Gowen, Phil Laak, Michael Mizrachi, Mike Caro and Phil Gordon.

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