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Colorado Court Joins PA Decision That Poker is a Game of Skill

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

GREELEY, Colorado - As Reported by  "A Colorado criminal trail has resulted in a not guilty verdict for the defendant and strengthened the arguments of those who view poker
  as a game of skill. The case of Colorado v. Kevin Raley went to court after authorities raided a game at Rafferty's Bar in Greeley, Colorado, where about 30 patrons were playing as part of a social group advertised on the Internet and elsewhere. Charges of "professional gambling" were brought against Raley and four other persons cited as either table dealers or organizers/operators of the game.

The case received significant assistance from Poker Players Alliance officials who submitted evidence that poker was a game of skill, and therefore should not be  treated as "gambling" under Colorado state law. The Colorado law specifically exempts "bona fide contests of skill." Defense lawyer Todd Taylor presented testimony and evidence by U. of Denver statistics professor Robert Hannum asserting poker's high skill element, contributing significantly to the jury's verdict of not guilty..."

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